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In Search Of...Pajama Grandma Update

Nearly two years ago we spotlighted a woman in the La Crosse area doing amazing things to help kids in her community. That community is now honoring her during her time of need.

In Search Of...Audra's Animals

One Sparta family's holiday is a little brighter this year because of the legacy of one amazing girl.

In Search Of...Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro: UPDATE

In early January we brought you the story of Harvey Bertrand, an Onalaska man getting ready to summit Mount Kilimanjaro.  Find out if he was able to make it all the way up.

Winona man loses battle with cancer

Elvin Smothers, who was featured in a recent "In Search Of" story, lost his battle with cancer Monday.

In Search Of...'til death do us part

Sometimes the best love stories don't always end the way we want them to. But for one Winona couple, they are bound and determined to make every moment count.

In Search Of...Choosing Hope

Life is fragile. None of us knows for sure when our time might be up. But one area woman can teach all of us a little something about making every moment count.

In Search Of…Adoption Update

Back in 2010 we brought you the story of a very large family whose lives have been changed thanks to adoption. Well their lives are about to change - again!

In Search Of...the inspiring Misty Lown

A very well known woman in the La Crosse community is hoping to use her difficult experiences to help young people get through theirs.