Packers: Big guys, big expectations

The line, delivered amid the clanking of cutlery and cacophony of 15 other coaches' chit-chat, nearly snuck past undetected. After all, half of what Mike McCarthy was saying during last week's NFC coaches breakfast at the annual NFL Meetings he'd said repeatedly throughout last season.

Bringing back "Blue:" Packers re-signing Bulaga

Maybe T.J. Lang's social media campaign – official hashtag: #BringBlueBack – helped. More likely, it was the Green Bay Packers' winning ways and Bryan Bulaga's close friendships – including with his BFF, Lang – that made the difference.

Louisiana native Williams visits Saints

The Green Bay Packers got what's commonly referred to as hometown discounts on wide receiver Randall Cobb and right tackle Bryan Bulaga, but the Packers may not be so lucky with veteran cornerback Tramon Williams

Cobb: "Back to the Frozen Tundra!"

Less than 72 hours before he would have hit the open market – where his price tag could have escalated quickly and the odds of his return would have diminished – unrestricted free-agent wide receiver Randall Cobb agreed to a deal with the Green Bay Packers.