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Hearing testimony further connects Trump to Ukraine pressure

The top US diplomat in Ukraine told Congress Wednesday of a previously unknown conversation President Donald Trump had the day after his phone call with the Ukrainian President, in which Trump asked the US ambassador to the European Union about Ukraine opening investigati

Cases made for, against impeaching Donald Trump

Thousands of pages of transcripts are piling up, and top minds from both political parties are preparing their best strategy as the impeachment investigation into President Donald Trump moves into a new phase Wednesday with the first

Trump and Giuliani remain in touch as impeachment drama heats up

President Donald Trump continues to speak with his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on the phone, according to multiple people with knowledge, as the ongoing impeachment inquiry has accelerated. Those people say the men's attorney-client relationship remains close even as Giuliani's central role in the series of events leading to the start of the congressional probe become

Pompeo, other leaders ignored pleas to help ambassador

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other State Department leaders were silent when faced with a campaign from Rudy Giuliani to oust then-US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch amid concerns that President Donald Trump would undermine them, according to testimony released from Yovanovitch and former State Department official Michael McKinley.

Ex-Pompeo adviser says State official felt ‘bullied' by department

Michael McKinley, the former senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, told lawmakers last month that one senior State Department official told him he felt "bullied" by the department to not comply fully with the congressional impeachment inquiry, according to a transcript of McKinley's comments released Monday.