Firefighters resuscitate cats after house fire

Omaha, Nebraska, firefighters are heroes for more than just the people of Omaha, they're there for our furry friends, too.They had to treat two cats Friday morning after a house fire near 126th and Maple streets.The Fire Department tweeted out…

The unsung heroes who spot wildfires in the West

At any moment, a plume of smoke could rise from somewhere in California's 33 million acres of forest land. The rugged terrain is often unreachable from the two-lane highways that twist through the thirsty wildland.

Firefighters nationwide walk stairs to honor 9/11 dead

At exactly 8:46 am every September 11 -- the moment when the first hijacked plane struck struck the Twin Towers in 2001 -- firefighters around the nation begin their ritual.

Calif. firefighters' data throttled as they battled huge wildfire

A Northern California fire department says Verizon slowed its wireless data speeds to a crawl last month, rendering some of its high-tech tracking equipment almost useless as firefighters battled the largest wildfire in state history.