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News 8 Eye Piece: Shoe Repair

The art of leather shoemaking has been around since the early 1600's and is still practiced today.In this week's Eye Piece, photographer Alex Costello takes us to one local shop to get a closer look at the craft. "You can…

News 8 Eye Piece: The End Film

The Rivoli Theatre has been showing films in downtown La Crosse since the 1920s.  In this week's Eye Piece, photographer John Schmidt takes us into the projection booth.

News 8 Eye Piece: Band of Knitters

In this week's Eye Piece, News 8 Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma joins a knitting group that meets once a week to tell stories and relax.

News 8 Eye Piece: Rotary Lights

It's takes a lot of work to put up the Christmas lights down at Riverside Park in La Crosse.

News 8 Eye Piece: Making Snow

Mount La Crosse started making snow last week and have been making it around the clock since then.

News 8 Eye Piece: Coffee Stop

A hot cup of coffee is part of many morning routines, either home brewed or picked up at a coffee shop.