One year after big drug-ring bust: meth an ongoing challenge

It's been a year this week since a major methamphetamine bust in the La Crosse area put several people behind bars. Officials say that despite the case's magnitude, it's still an ongoing challenge to keep meth off the streets.

Police arrest 3, seize $48K worth of heroin

Janesville police estimate that they seized more than 1,200 individual doses of heroin worth more than $48,000 during three drug arrests last week, according to a release.

1,124 pot plants found in Dane County bust

Hundreds of marijuana plants worth over $1 million are found at four different locations in a bust being called one of the largest ever found in Dane County, according to a release from the Dane County Sheriff's Office.

Bond set for 3 arrested in La Crosse drug bust

31-year-old Frederick Rodgers, 34-year-old Brian Jones and 36-year-old Delvin Coleman are facing various drug charges including manufacturing and intent to deliver cocaine and heroin.