data breach

California DMV data breach exposed drivers' information

A data breach at the California Department of Motor Vehicles may have exposed some drivers' Social Security number information to seven government entities, according to the DMV.

Thousands of license plates leaked in hack of border contractor

At least 50,000 American license plate numbers have been made available on the dark web after a company hired by Customs and Border Protection was at the center of a major data breach, according to CNN analysis of the hacked data. What's more, the company was never authorized to keep the information, the agency told CNN.

Small Biz Data Breach Danger

Big company data breaches like Equifax and Marriott's Starwood hotels make headlines, but what happens when hackers target your local mom and pop shop?  

Ramsey County data breach might have affected hundreds

The personal information of hundreds of Ramsey County social services clients might have been compromised after hackers gained access to the email accounts of dozens of county employees.

Having more control over your data doesn't mean it's safe

California's new data protection law gives consumers sweeping control over how much personal information companies can collect. It lets people opt out of having their data collected entirely, and even makes it easier to sue companies in the wake of a data breach.