Trump asks Cabinet secretaries for 5% budget cut

President Donald Trump on Wednesday instructed every agency secretary in his Cabinet to cut 5% from their budget for next year.

TSA looking at $300 million in cuts

A new internal document obtained by CNN shows the Transportation Security Administration's proposal to eliminate screening at more than 150 small to medium sized airports is just one of several cost-saving measures the agency is discussing.

White House requests cuts to children's health insurance funding

The White House is seeking to cut funding from the Children's Health Insurance Program, known as CHIP, as part of its larger request for cuts to the federal budget in a rescissions package sent to Congress this week.

Blanchard among cuts despite strong camp

Alex Van Pelt has enough work to do, coaching both the Green Bay Packers' quarterbacks and wide receivers. He was not looking to appoint himself general manager. But, if Packers GM Ted Thompson decides to bring back quarterback Matt Blanchard to fill one of the team's 10 practice-squad slots, Van Pelt would be thrilled.