Doctors warn of concussion risk

With high school football season upon us, health officials are reminding student athletes and their parents about the dangers of concussions.

Study: concussions impact girls worse

More and more studies are taking a look at how concussions on the field, or the court, can affect our kids. Research has already shown that concussions can severely impact the brain's ability to function normally, but new work done right here in Wisconsin highlights how much worse the brain injury can impact girls.

Brewers' Almonte cleared after concussion

Brewers utility man Erick Almonte says he spent an entire week trying to rid himself of nausea and dizziness, symptoms of a concussion that landed him on the new 7-day disabled list.

Concussion in winter sports

According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, each winter hundreds of thousands of young athletes head out to ice and ski slopes to enjoy, practice, and compete in a wide variety of winter sports.