What is El Niño?

The weather phenomenon called El Niño largely became a part of the public vernacular more than 20 years ago. In 1997, it caused devastating flooding in the Western United States and drought in Indonesia. It also was blamed for deadly virus outbreaks in Africa and rising coffee prices around the world.

New urgency on climate change comes to Congress

While President Donald Trump pokes fun at global warming on Twitter and expresses doubts about his own administration's scientific findings about climate change, Congress is approaching the issue with new urgency.

What will your city's weather feel like in 60 years?

Within your child or grandchild's lifetime, the weather may be dramatically different because of climate change. The past five years have already been the hottest on record for our planet, but based on new projections published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, it's going to get a lot hotter for the 250 million people living in North American cities.