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Thomas urges Supreme Court to revisit abortion precedents

Justice Clarence Thomas said that while he agreed with the Supreme Court's decision Friday not to hear a case on surgical abortions in Alabama, he wants the high court to consider rolling back historical precedent on abortion -- an encouraging message to the slew of conservative state legislatures who have rolled out abortion bans this year.

Thomas, Ginsburg draw battle lines for future abortion cases

The Supreme Court made clear on Tuesday that it's not ready to take big strides quickly on abortion and the future of Roe v. Wade. But justices also revealed that the far right and the far left side of the bench are drawing their battle lines, in anticipation of other cases concerning more restrictive laws currently hurtling toward the court.

Supreme Court continues open death penalty feud

An ongoing feud between Supreme Court justices over the application of the death penalty escalated again on Monday as the justices filed opinions in two death penalty cases and took the rare step of issuing public explanations to explain their bitter divide.

Biden's handling of Anita Hill hearing re-emerges in latest controversy

Former Vice President Joe Biden's efforts to fend off criticism about his touchy, intimate style with women has renewed scrutiny of his leadership in 1991 when the Senate heard law professor Anita Hill's sexual harassment claims against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.