Watching Notre Dame burn, the entire world was in pain

The spire tumbling down in a blaze, the flames shooting out behind the familiar façade of Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris, made our throats close in anguish. French President Emmanuel Macron said his thoughts were with "all Catholics and all French people," but in fact, it felt like the entire world was in pain watching the 800-year-old building turn into a blazing inferno, on its way to becoming ashes and stones.

Russian flag spotted on cathedral in UK city

A Russian flag has been spotted on Salisbury Cathedral in England, in an apparent stunt making light of the poisoning of former KGB agent Sergei Skripal in the city last year.

Newborn left at cathedral baptized, turned over to police

A newborn baby has been found abandoned at a cathedral in St. Paul.Police said Thursday the infant boy was found in a laundry basket by a custodian in the entryway of the Cathedral of St. Paul Wednesday night. The newborn was wrapped in blankets and was not injured.