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Christine Blasey Ford 'thankful' for raising sexual assault awareness

Christine Blasey Ford, whose allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh rocked his confirmation hearing last year, said Sunday that although coming forward to tell her story was traumatic, she's "thankful" it started a larger conversation about the subject.

Anita Hill says voters need to press 2020 Dems on gender violence

Social policy and law professor Anita Hill said Tuesday that voters should press Democratic presidential candidates on how they will tackle the issue of gender violence, arguing that little attention has been placed on the topic during this election cycle.

Chief Justice John Roberts faces challenging year

Chief Justice John Roberts faces unprecedented national turmoil as he begins his 15th year presiding over America's highest court.

Supreme Court's blockbuster term hits with LGBT, abortion, DACA and more

The nine Supreme Court justices will return to the relative quiet of their marble-lined corridors and majestic chamber Monday to face an explosive docket of cases on issues such as abortion, immigration, the Second Amendment and LGBT rights.

Justice Ginsburg declares her good health but scrutiny persists

In the six weeks since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed she had endured another cancer ordeal, she has made more than 10 public appearances, animated and "very much alive." Yet advocates with a stake in another Supreme Court confirmation battle cannot help but be on edge.

John Roberts killed census citizenship question

Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote against President Donald Trump's attempt to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, but only after changing his position behind the scenes, sources familiar with the private Supreme Court deliberations tell CNN.

Where the Supreme Court stands on the 2nd Amendment

As the country reels from two mass shootings, supporters of gun restrictions are turning again to the debate over the scope of the Second Amendment, demanding that gun laws be strengthened.