Sweet smell of success for Wisconsin vs. Minnesota on dog poop tallies

UNDATED (WKBT) — Here’s something to boost the spirits of Wisconsinites still mourning the Green Bay Packers’ loss to the Minnesota Vikings a week ago and the Badgers’ surrendering Paul Bunyan’s Axe to the Gophers Saturday: Sconnies do a better job of picking up their dogs’ poop than do the Uff Das.

That’s one of many findings in a novel study at Protect My Paws, which bills itself as a research-based website but also appears to be a shill of sorts for pet insurance.

The study found that, among other things, the Gopher State’s puppy poop is more of a problem than it is in the Badger State. The analysis, as reported recently on the website’s blog, reached its conclusions with Twitter data: It tallied angry tweets about doggy-do per 100,000 population.

Minnesota really stepped in it, ranking fifth in the country, with 11.1 tweets per 100,000 people a year, compared with just 3 in Wisconsin, the stool survey found.

Colorado appears to be the top (or bottom) dog, with 15.4 tweets per 100,000, while Oregon ranks No. 2 in No. 2, with 15.3 tweets. New Hampshire and Washington state barely lead Minnesota, with 11.5 tweets and 11.3 tweets, respectively.

BTW, if you happen to be headed across the pond, watch your step in the Yorkshire region of the United Kingdom, which has the dubious distinction of having the most feculent fields in the world, according to the Twitter tally.

Counting tweets may seem unscientific to the naked eye, but seems to be the only barometer of fecal factors. So far.

Protect My Paws gravitates toward social media for its studies, including one that ranks the states with the naughtiest dogs, based on Instagram hashtag postings such as “#gooddog, #cleverdog, #cleverpuppy, #baddog, #naughtypuppy.”

Wisconsin got an atta-boy in that survey, too, again ranking ahead of Minnesota in still another aspect of the longstanding, usually friendly border war between Badgers and Gophers.

Full disclosure on Protect My Paws’ part: It admits in a Federal Trade Commission confession that it uses affiliate links that pay the site commissions if people buy pet insurance policies it features.

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