Suspects in case of caged children appear in Monroe County Court

A Monroe County couple accused of keeping their children in makeshift cages were in court Monday for the first time.

Travis Headrick, 47 and Amy Headrick, 39, both of Melvina, appeared in Monroe County Court Monday afternoon.

They have both been charged with multiple counts of second degree recklessly endangering safety, neglecting a child and false imprisonment.

“It’s appalling, it’s disgusting.”

These are just a few words Monroe County residents are using to describe what has been allegedly taking place inside of the house on Central Drive in Melvina.

“I saw her frequently and never in all of my existence would have thought that she would be capable of something like this,” said resident Michael Shaw.

According to a criminal complaint, there were five children in the house when Amy and Travis Headrick were arrested on August 24th.

Four of the children are adopted by the couple and one is their biological child.

According to details in the complaint, the children who range in ages from 9 to 15, were allegedly zip tied into cages and horse troughs in separate rooms, some were wearing diapers.

The complaint states Amy kept her children in cages because they were a danger to each other and that she wanted to make sure they were safe.

Amber Lorden says she worked with Travis Headrick and the allegations do not surprise her.

“I had always kind of known, he was very cold,” she recalls.

Details in the criminal complaint also state that Amy and Travis kept their children in cages because they would defecate in their beds and urinate out of the window.

It also states keeping children safe from falling in the pool, as another reason.

A Monroe County judge set $20,000 bonds for the couple. They will be back in court September 6th at 1 p.m.

Amy and Travis Headrick face up to 40 years in prison.



Monroe County Sheriff Scott Perkins released the names of the two suspects arrested last week after a report of children being held in makeshift cages.

Travis Headrick, 47 and Amy Headrick, 39, both of Melvina, will appear in Monroe County Court Monday at 1 p.m. for a bond hearing.

Monroe County Sheriff Scott Perkins said, a report of child neglect happening at a home in the Village of Melvina was received early Friday morning, August 24.

The complainant provided evidence that children were being kept in makeshift cages at the residence, authorities said.

A search warrant was executed and children were located.

Two adults are under arrest and charges will be forthcoming, according to officials.

Sheriff Perkins said the investigation is active and no names or further information will be released at this time.