Suspected Holmen child abusers bound for trial

Dylan Bartsh, Jaymie Rundle charged with child abuse and child neglect resulting in death

Two people taking care of the three-year-old girl in Holmen who died in October are headed to trial.

La Crosse County Judge Elliot Levine found probable cause to advance the cases of 30-year-old Dylan Bartsh and 24-year-old Jaymie Rundle. Both have been charged with neglecting a child (consequence is death) and child abuse-high probability/great harm.

According to the criminal complaint, Bartsh’s three-year-old daughter died from fatal child abuse at the end of October 2014 due to a number of contributing factors, including cuts and bruising to her face, neck, abdomen, arms, back and legs. The medical examiner said the battered child clearly had not received adequate nutrition and had extreme “failure to thrive” conditions.

“We have to look at these injuries as potentially indicative as other mechanisms of assault,” Vincent Tranchida, the Dane County Chief Medical Examiner who performed the autopsy, said via phone on Wednesday in La Crosse County Court. “So we cannot rule out the possibility that this child may have been smothered, we cannot rule out the possibility that this child may have been force fed salt, because there are so many injuries present, these injuries can be considered potentially part of an assault of fatal process,”

An arraignment hearing has been scheduled for March 10.