Surgeries resume after La Crosse hospital removes dust-ridden equipment

Mayo Clinic performing more surgeries as the week goes on

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse is getting back on track after canceling some of its surgeries because of concerns over patient safety.

Last week hospital staff found dust on the outside packaging of supplies used in surgery. The dust came from cleaning the light fixtures in the hospital’s sterile processing department.

They’ve since replaced those fixtures with 120 LED lights and the supplies were removed from the room. The supplies are now being monitored by the hospital’s Infectious Disease Control team.

“Our hope would be that at some point in time we’d be able to clear those supplies for reentry into our supply chain but we’ll be waiting for a minimum of six weeks before we make that decision to ensure ourselves that there is nothing on those supplies that can harm patients,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Chief Admin. Officer Joe Kruse.

The hospital is starting to perform more surgeries as the week goes on.

No patients were harmed or at risk from of these supplies.