Summer leaves some college freshman staying home in fall

Many will change their mind about school

With school starting in a couple of months, many high school graduates are enjoying their last bit of freedom before leaving for college.

But despite ordering books and registering  for classes, many will fail to show up for school in the fall.

In our own area, school officials estimate about 16 to 18% of this year’s graduating class will change their mind about school over the summer.

Experts say there are a lot different reasons. For some, it’s financial reasons; for others, it’s missed deadlines over the summer.

And for many graduates, they’re just not ready to leave the people they’re most comfortable with. 

“They just sort of chicken out. They have that last summer with their high school friends, they have a really great time and they think to themselves, why does this have to change? This is so great. I think I will just stay home another year and get a job and keep hanging out with my friends and have a really great time and sometimes that’s the hardest one to overcome,” said Jerilyn Dinsmoor from La Crosse Promise.

If your graduate has any questions or concerns before leaving for school, the La Crosse Promise Future Centers in La Crosse have advisers to help make the transition a bit easier.

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