Study finds your presence is more important than your presents

While many are finishing up their holiday gift shopping, one study is showing maybe gifts aren’t the best thing we can give the ones we love.

Pennsylvania State University conducted a study evaluating the different ways people can feel love. The study found that things like small acts of kindness, spending time with friends and family, or giving a friendly compliment make them feel more loved and happy than receiving gifts.

Those at Gundersen say this is important to keep in mind…especially at this time of year.

“The very time of year we are supposed to step back and be grateful and really think about what matters in life, we’re all running around looking kind of crazy because we’re so busy and instead of spending that time with other people, we’re just checking things off our to-do list,” said Gundersen childhood family therapist Jeff Reiland.

Doctors at Gundersen also suggest stepping away from the internet and social media a little during the holidays, as too much screen time has also been linked to depression.