Study finds hurdles for businesses in Wisconsin

Study released by Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) – There are two big hurdles impacting Wisconsin businesses in the new year.

75 percent of employers in the state say they are struggling to fill the positions they have open.

And 77 percent of employers are feeling the impact of the rising costs of health care.

That’s according to the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce organization.

And simply the number of people looking for work is not enough to meet the demand of employers.

That is forcing employers to get creative to bring in new staff, as well as retain current staff.

“We have employers who are offering flexable work schedules, maybe a flexable dress code. And about half of Wisconsin businesses are actually offering some type of work from home policy,” said Nick Novack, vice president of communications and marketing for Wisconsin Manufacturing and Commerce.

Perks like staff lunches or offering gym or streaming service memberships are also being offered to bring in and keep employees.