Study: Drug combination lowers cholesterol

Statin and Vytorin combo works best to lower cholesterol after heart attack

A new treatment when it comes to lowering someone’s cholesterol after suffering a heart attack is making a big wave in the medical field.

When someone suffers a heart attack, doctors normally use two different strategies to lower cholesterol. The first strategy is to increase the amount of Statin the patient is taking. The second strategy is to add a combination pill to the Statin the patient is already on.

A new study compared the two strategies and found the strategy where you add a combination pill works better.

“If we treat 100 people with this methodology, we will be successful in reducing two heart attacks, strokes or deaths. That’s huge from a medication,” said Dr. Sampoorima Setty, a cardiologist with Gundersen Health System.

The drug being used in addition to the Statin, known as Vytorin, is not new and has been on the market for a long time.

Doctors at Gundersen have already adopted this newly improved treatment and are pleased with the outcomes so far.