Students receive personalized learning in math and foreign language

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The Tomah School District is now offering personal lessons in math and foreign language to its middle and high school students.

Beginning this year, students in grades six through eight will be using a computer-based math program called Think Through Math and a computer-based foreign language program called Rosetta Stone.

High school students are using the same programs.

This type of personalized learning will change the look of a classroom from the traditional model where teachers share one lesson and all of the students are learning at the same level to a more individual approach.

“When you walk in the classroom you see 25-30 students engaged at their own pace, at their own program, at their own time,” said Steve Buss, Tomah Middle School principal. “You don’t see a teacher standing up in the front of the classroom, as you see in many of our classrooms, sharing a lesson to the whole class. Every student is receiving individual instruction at their own pace, whether it’s in math or world language.”

The personalized learning programs are being funded through a $600,000, three-year grant from the United States Department of Defense.

To be eligible, a certain percentage of the student population within the school district must have a military connection.