Students put on musical Save the Library event

Students are singing the praises of their La Crosse library in an effort to save the south-side branch.

Elementary kids who make up the Save the Library club gathered at Java-Vino Saturday afternoon to put on a musical performance, including orchestra music and choir songs.

The event hopes to shed light on the importance of the south-side library branch, and raise money to keep it in operation.

This is the third fundraiser the Save the Library club has put on to help fund the branch… and the 9-year-old founder, Kaitlyn Erickson, says it won’t be the last – these kids will do whatever it takes to keep the library open.

“I’m doing this for the library because I have many memories there and I’ve always gone there since I was like 8 months old and so it’s been a great time being there and now that it’s planning to close, I need to do something about it. I just feel like I have to do it,” said Erickson.

Katelyn says so far, the Save the Library club has already raised more than$1,000 to support the south branch library.