Students move into dorms at Western Technical College

Western Resident Hall is home to 200 students this fall

With classes starting on Monday, students at Western Technical College in La Crosse are eager to move into the dorms.

Although it was another hot and humid day on Saturday, students lined the parking lot just waiting to move into the Western Resident Hall.

Students, with the help of family and staff members, unloaded trunks and totes in order to get ready for the school year ahead.

One student heading back to the dorms this year has some words of advice for incoming freshmen.

“Listen to the rules, try to talk to people that are on your floor and make new friends cause otherwise it is really boring if you stay in your room all day. Get into activities and don’t sleep in. you need to go to classes because you pay for classes,” said Sarah Denstad, a second-year student at Western Technical College.

One staff member says everything has gone according to plan so far but she’s more excited for what happens after move-in day.

“I think what we are most excited about after everyone gets situated in their rooms, we will start off our res fest where we provide an activity every night of the school week for our students. Tonight we are doing the amazing race, and we are really excited to get that started,” said Leah Durnin Hoover, a student life coordinator at Western Technical College.

The Western Resident Hall is home to 200 students this year. Move-in continues Sunday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.