Students move in to Western Technical College

It was the start of a new chapter for the lives of several students Saturday.

Western Techinal College’s newest students moved in to the campus’s residence hall.

The hall holds about 200 students.

Students were asked to move in floor by floor to keep the process smooth and less overwhelming for families.

The move is a big step in the lives of many and hall staff want to make the residence hall feel like home.

Residence assistants are also there to give students advice when needed. “It can be really stressful being on your own for the once, so seek advice whether it’s at the welcome center where they can seek counciler help, anything like that, questions about class. If you’re living here in the hall come find an RA, the hall director, we’ll be around. We make ourselves avaliable so people have the oppertunity if they have any questions about campus, classes, anything we can do to make that an easy transition,” Resident’s Assistant Robert Guenther said.

The students will take part in introductory activities tonight to help get to know each other.