Students Making a Difference: Big Brother mentor

ELEVA-STRUM, Wis. — This month’s “Student Making a Difference” is literally helping change lives.

Vince Susa is a senior at Eleva-Strum High School. For the past two years, he’s been a mentor with the school-based Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.

To be chosen as a mentor, Vince had to meet certain academic criteria. He’s also well-respected throughout the school and community.

Vince’s “little” brother is a 7th grader who faces both academic and social challenges.

They spend time together during the school year doing just about anything.

“We meet once a week usually during lunch, during school and we just do activities in the gym or outside, go for a walk or talk or just do whatever he wants to do,” said Vince.

Most importantly though, Vince provides guidance to his “little” brother. Vince says its been a very rewarding experience. “I just like seeing him grow, it’s cool to see someone develop and just, we’re really connected now and were really pretty much like brothers now so it’s pretty fun.”


Vince only has an older brother at home, so it’s a new experience for him to have a “little” brother.

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