Students learn to be ‘Respect Keepers’ at Onalaska school

All 700 students at Eagle Bluff painted a flag as a reminder to be respectful

Students at Eagle Bluff Elementary School in Onalaska are learning to be “Respect Keepers.”

In the spring, all 700 students at the school painted individual flags with “RK” on it for Respect Keeper. On Friday, during an all-school assembly, students demonstrated what the flags are used for.

“One student from every classroom will be carrying it on the playground trying to help children to be respectful,” said Pat Stellflue, an art teacher at Eagle Bluff and one of the coordinators of the Positive Behavior Intervention Systems Team (PBIS). “It’s a visual reminder, a moving reminder that they need to keep the respect.”

Stellflue says the concept is catching on and students have been better behaved.

“We really want children to learn the right things and hopefully they will be so involved in this process themselves they will take it with them for life,” Stellflue said.