Students help break ground on Melrose-Mindoro school construction project

Kids in the Melrose-Mindoro school district got to take part in a unique class activity Tuesday.

Students grabbed some shovels to take part in the district’s groundbreaking ceremony for their new campus project.

Once it’s done, all 700+ students in the Melrose-Mindoro school district from kindergarten to high school will be under the same roof.

Funding for the project was approved in a referendum last November.

“We needed major concerns to be addressed, and we could’ve invested money into the older buildings, but we decided to take the money and invest in the new united campus,” said Superintendent Del DeBerg.

School board president Marlane Anderson says consolidating all of their buildings into one will make things easier and more efficient across the district.

“Everything you need will be in one area, special needs teachers, you’ll be able to have them all here, you won’t have one here or one there, and I think probably on busing, too, it’s going to cut back on some of that,” said Anderson.

District officials say they’re still trying to decide what to do with the old school buildings once the project is finished.