Students draw what giving means to them

What does giving mean to you?

More than 800 students from around La Crosse were asked that question, then they were asked to draw their definition.

Their masterpieces are now on display at the Pump House in downtown La Crosse.

‘The Giving Project’ is part of the second annual Artspire taking place this weekend at the Pump House in downtown La Crosse.

Organizers said giving is one of the seven core values, and the students learned there are many different ways to give.

“One thing the children learned is it’s not just giving a present or giving a donation, it really can be giving support, something that is a little more conceptual instead of something that’s tangible,” said Artspire volunteer Stephanie Krueger.

The artists are students in grades K-12 from nearly all the schools in La Crosse, both public and private, as well as the Boys and Girls Club.

The artwork has been donated to the Pump House.