Students, chaperones visiting from China concerned about traveling home

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Some students from La Crosse’s sister city in China are visiting our area.

Thirty middle school students and three chaperones traveled here from Luoyang, China, which is a few hours north of Wuhan, China.

Because of the Coronavirus, there have been some concerns about the students potentially being infected.

Shortly after coming to La Crosse, one of the students got sick, but doctors confirmed he only had the Flu.

The students are here as a cultural exchange.

They are learning about the La Crosse area, visiting local K-12 schools and universities, and exploring the attractions the Coulee Region has to offer.

However, the outbreak has been a distraction for some of the students.

“There have been some concerns expressed by the students and chaperones about returning,” said Michael DeYoe, member of the La Crosse-Luoyang Friendship Association, “they’re mainly concerned about the safety of their families.”

At the International Committee meeting on Monday, one of the topics discussed was whether or not the students will be able to return home this Saturday.