Students at UW-La Crosse study the origins of the Coronavirus and its threat

Professor Dan Duquette believes these viruses will become more common in the future

Students at UW- La Crosse were busy studying about the coronavirus Tuesday as part of their environmental health class.

Students were learning how animals, humans and the environment affect one another’s health.
Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people.

One UWL professor believes they will become more common in the future.

” Yes I do believe they’re going to become more common, simply because of the interactions between humans in particular and the environments and habitats where animals live. Because of our agricultural practices we need to expand the land that we use to for beef and other things that people consume and as a result of that we interact far more with wild animals than we have in the past,” said Professor of Public Health Dan Duquette.

Professor Duquette points out that China alone has  five hundred different Coronaviruses, but not all of them are capable of infecting humans.
Keep in mind, the common cold is also a Coronavirus.
The current strain causing illnesses around the world is called COVID-19.