Student responsible for arson at Viterbo to be expelled

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — The student responsible for a garbage fire inside a Viterbo University dorm kitchen will be expelled, according to university president Glena Temple.

Temple released the following statement Friday:

“The internal arson investigation has concluded and procedural steps are underway to expel the student found to be responsible. This person will not return to Viterbo. The internal investigation into the hateful racist messages has also concluded. The forensic handwriting analysis eliminated several persons of interest and left one remaining person of interest, though a definitive handwriting match could not be established. The remaining person of interest will no longer be part of the Viterbo campus community. A summary of our investigation has been shared with the La Crosse Police Department, and we will explore any new evidence that may emerge. Despite our best efforts, we may never be able to definitively prove who wrote the hate-filled messages, including both the racist and anti-LGBTQ+ incidents. I would like to reiterate that Viterbo University is committed to providing a safe educational environment for all students, and I urge anyone who witnesses harassment or discrimination, including hateful messages, to report it.”

The university did not provide further information.