Student project teaches new drivers a valuable lesson

The distracted driving simulator is part of a campaign

A student project is teaching new drivers a valuable lesson.

West Salem High School senior Lauren Thornton partnered with ATT, Triple A, and State Patrol for her senior exit project on distracted driving.

As part of the project she brought in a Distracted Driving Simulator.

It’s part of what’s called the It Can Wait Campaign.

The simulator gives students an experience the dangers of distracted driving.

Thornton says kids are less likely to use their phone while driving if a good example is set early on.

“I think it’s really important to meet us at a younger age, even some of the freshman and the sophomores that might not have their licenses yet because as they get older. They see their parents using their phones, they see their older brothers and sisters using their phone and it just kind of makes them more susceptible to doing it themselves,” says West Salem High School Senior Lauren Thornton.

There is also a distracted driving event Wednesday at the Heider Center.

Guests can use the distracted driving simulator from 6:30 to 7 P.M.

They also invited to watch a documentary called “From One Second to the Next”. The film shares real stories of lives impacted by distracted driving.