Story of two holocaust survivors comes to La Crosse

'And Then They Came for Me' performances

The story of two holocaust survivors is coming to La Crosse this weekend.

The Weber Center for the Performing Arts is hosting a production of ‘And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank.’ It features the stories of a pair of survivors who knew Anne Frank.

Organizers hope people will take the chance to learn more about the events of the holocaust, especially since one of the survivors, Eva Schloss, will speak after each performance.

“But knowing that she’s sitting there in the audience next to you watching this as well, and then will get up and be able to answer very personal questions about her own experience. That’s really magnificent and could be a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said La Crosse Community Theatres Director Sara Adams.

Performances begin this Sunday, with others next Tuesday and Wednesday. Three performances are scheduled in total, with one on each day.

Tickets are now on sale.