Storm Spotters Training held in La Crosse

Helping the National Weather Service report severe weather

As part of Severe Weather Awareness Week, the National Weather Service held Storm Spotter training on Wednesday.

Most of the time, severe weather can be predicted or seen on a Doppler Radar, but there is another key element that helps get warnings out.

People known as Storm Spotters are trained in various ways to be on the lookout for any severe weather.

The National Weather Service held its annual Spotter Training where people learned weather warning signs such as different types of could formations.

Afterwards, they were taught how to report their findings.

“We never get enough information of actually what is occurring out there so we really rely on our storm spotters to pass along those real time reports that help us with the warning process,” said Todd Shea of the National Weather Service.

There are roughly 2,000 Storm Spotters in the La Crosse region alone.

Storm Spotter training from the National Weather Service is offered yearly, normally in March or April.