Storm spews freaky hailstones, damaging winds in Coulee Region

Trempealeau Hail
Doug and Laurie Brown collected these odd hailstones where they live 4 miles south of Trempealeau.

TREMPEALEAU, Wis. (WKBT) — Some pretty wicked hail thumped an area south of Trempealeau in thunderstorms that raked the Coulee Region with rain and winds gusting as high as 60 mph, including dumping hail in Holmen and downing a tree that damaged a home in La Crosse this evening.
Doug Brown, who sent a photo of the bizarre hailstone to WKBT News 8 Now/News 8000, said he isn’t sure whether there is damage where he lives 4 miles south of Trempealeau. Brown won’t be able to determine that until Wednesday, he said.

In La Crosse, winds toppled a tree taller than 30 feet at Ward Avenue and 27th Street, said Alice Wistrand, who lives across the street. The tree, which has a root ball more than 10 feet in diameter, damaged a home, but the residents were not injured, she said.
In Holmen, Sue Elvaker retrieved several hailstones, some of which were more than twice the diameter of a quarter.
“My car was outside but no hail damage — unreal,” said Elvaker, said the top of a tree broke off in the yard of her mother, Randi Menk. In turn, a robin’s nest that had been in the top crashed to the ground.
“It was nasty for a while there,” Elvaker said.

Also in Holmen, Ellie Brown reported a large tree down on Manchester Lane and limbs down throughout the neighborhood.
Large hail also was reported in Onalaska and Winona, Minn.
The storm passed through the area roughly between 6 and 7:30 p.m., although other storms were possible during the evening.

Sue Hail Bigger Than

Sue Elvaker of Holmen collected several hailstones her car escaped damage, she said.

Ward Ave. Pic

This tree, taller than 30 feet, damaged a house at Ward Avenue and 27th Street in La Crosse, but the residents were not injured. Alice Wistrand photo)