‘Stop the Steal’ rally in La Crosse calls for a fair election

The event drew in supporters from Trempealeau, La Crosse and other surrounding counties
V Stop The Steal Rally

LA CROSSE, Wis (WKBT) – Some community members are not satisfied with the election results.

A rally of people calling for fair an election was held near the Valley View Mall Sunday.

The event drew in supporters from Trempealeau, La Crosse, and other surrounding counties.

Election officials in Wisconsin have said there is no evidence of widespread election fraud in Wisconsin.

The group speculates that votes have been switched, added, or incorrectly counted in order to falsely give President-Elect Joe Biden a victory.

“Even an amateur can tell, that our votes are being taken away, systematically, and we believe through a software program or these machines, and nobody should stand for that,” said Jacquie Brokaw, a supporter of Stop The Steal.

The Wisconsin Election Commission recently released a report of 19 possible acts of voter fraud since 2018.