Steve Doyle to be sworn in Tuesday to Wisconsin Assembly

LA CROSSE, Wis. — Newly elected Wisconsin Assembly member Steve Doyle will be officially sworn in to the
legislature next week.

Doyle (D-Onalaska) will be sworn in Tuesday to the 94th Assembly seat, which he won in the May 3 special

Doyle replaces Republican Mike Huebsch of West Salem. Walker appointed Huebsch secretary for the Department of

Doyle says it will be tricky jumping in after the Assembly session has started.

“It’s really kind of a baptism by fire,” Doyle says. “I’ve got to spend a lot of time readying, a lot of time
talking to people, mostly a lot of time listening to get up to speed on all of the issues because they are not going to
sit and wait for me. It’s starting right now, and I’m going to be working hard, but it’s exciting.”

Republicans won the other two seats in the special election, the 60th and 83rd Assembly district vacancies.

Republicans control the Assembly 57-37, with one independent and one other vacancy.