Steps for buying a new car

Are you looking for a new car? Find out what steps you should take before bringing a new car home.

Know your shopping style: The first step in looking for a new car, according to Kelley Blue Book, is to determine what type of car shopper you are. Do you want to look up the safety rankings and determine possible cars from there? Do you need to see pictures of what cars look like? Do you value getting a bargain the most? Knowing the answer to these questions will help you figure out where to start your shopping – whether it’s Internet research, looking for the last safety ratings or going to a dealership and walking around.

Narrow down your list: Once you start your initial research it’s time to really dig in and narrow down the list. Try to narrow it down to a handful of cars. When ranking cars, make sure you look at everything that’s important to you, including size, number of downs, safety features, performance and style.

Find out what you can afford: One big factor that can help you trim your list is cost. Find out what you can afford and see what vehicle best fits into that range while giving you the most items on your wish list.

Find a dealership: Once you have a vehicle in mind, find a dealership that carries that vehicle. Choose one that is reputable and one that you’d enjoy doing business with.

Test drive: Even if the car looks perfect on paper, and looks good sitting in the lot, make sure you take it for a test drive to make sure you’re truly happy with it.

Decide if you want to lease or own: Once you’ve decided on the vehicle, then it’s time to start negotiating with the dealership. The first step is to determine if you are planning on buying or leasing the vehicle. Once that’s decided, you can work to negotiate other aspects, like the total sticker price or monthly payments.