STEP program teaches emergency preparedness to area kids

Program helps to start conversation at home about emergencies

Students in Monroe County are learning how to stay safe in an emergency situation.

Fifth graders at La Grange elementary in Tomah took part in the STEP program Monday morning which stands for Student Tools for Emergency Planning.

The program teaches students how to be prepared for an emergency and how to put together an emergency kit. At the end of the day students got to take home a kit that includes a blanket, flashlight, and first aid supplies.

Organizers say it’s a good way to get the conversation about emergency plans started at home.

“What this program really does is gets these kids the knowledge and the tools they need to help themselves and their family, friends, neighbors to really learn about, okay, what if something really bad happens? What do we do? How do we get ready before those bad things happen, and what do you we do when those bad things happen?” said Tod Pritchard, of the Wisconsin Emergency Services.

Teachers will also be incorporating those lessons in class this week. They say the kids are eager to learn how they can help.