Staying connected can still be a part gatherings for Oktoberfest

Limiting groups may help prevent the spread of COVID-19

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Community members might want to spread gemutlichkeit on their own this year.

During the annual celebration some community members use the fest as a chance to gather with friends.

Most official events are canceled this year due to the pandemic.

Health officials in our area say while we should stay physically distant, it doesn’t mean we need to stay socially distant.

“What’s important with this is maintaining that physical space between individuals. Not to stay disconnected and isolated, using online and other ways of communicating and staying in touch with others,” said Mayo Clinic infection disease specialist Dr. John O’Horo.

It is also recommended to keep an in-person gatherings to a regular group, rather that interacting with many different people.