Stayin’ Alive: Fruechte makes Vikings Practice Squad

Caledonia native 'Ready when needed' in Minnesota

After a wild 24 hours Saturday into Sunday evening, Isaac Fruechte is officially sticking around in Minnesota heading into week 1 of the 2015-16 NFL season.

Fruechte was one of the final players the Vikings cut before the 53-man roster deadline of 3 p.m. Saturday. Better news followed as Minnesota management guaranteed the former Caledonia prep star a place on the team’s practice squad, so long as the undrafted rookie was not picked up off of waivers by another team.

“I was pretty nervous still because there was a chance I could have been on the move to a completely different part of the country at a moment’s notice yesterday,” Fruechte said. “It is just a great opportunity and I am going to give my all to be ready at all times.”

Fruechte is the only wide receiver on the Vikings’ nine-man practice squad roster. He hopes being the next man up at the position on paper will ultimately yield a chance to play on Sundays this season.

“This is a business and the one thing that is very apparent to me is change happens constantly,” Fruechte said. “I just want to stay ready and be the guy called upon if anything happens.”

Fruechte also thanked his hometown fans Sunday for their support throughout his young NFL career.

“I obviously love my hometown and the people there,” Fruechte said. “I want to make them proud, and the way to do that is to keep working hard.”