Statewide to push to hire more tutors

Thursday was National Literacy Day and a state-wide initiative is making a push for new tutors.

The Wisconsin Literacy Coalition’s 13th annual ‘1,200 tutors in 12 weeks’ statewide campaign kicked off Thursday, hoping to train that many new tutors before December 1st.

One of the organizations looking to contribute to that total is the Hope Academy at the Family and Children’s Center in La Crosse.   

The academy helps teen mothers earn their high school diplomas.

Some of the students struggle with learning disabilities and officials say tutors can help create a big change in their students’ lives.

“Literacy in general really opens the door to many different opportunities, especially in this information age that we live in, and it allows them to have a voice for change in our community,” said School Specialist Chelsea Lange.

The Hope Academy is hoping to hire six new tutors.

If you’re interested in applying, you can head to the Family and Children’s Center’s website at