State Senate Democrats to announce fall agenda

Democrats to announce 'Badger Blueprint' to improve education, infrastructure

Democrats in Wisconsin’s state senate are getting ready to unveil their plan for the fall session.

They’re calling the plan the “Badger Blueprint,” which includes proposals to improve both primary and secondary public education in the state, as well as improve the economy and develop the workforce. With many road construction projects across the state being delayed, Democrats also want to restore transportation funding that’s been cut in recent budgets.

Senate Minority Leader and La Crosse Senator Jennifer Shilling says it’s time for the legislature to focus on its core responsibilities, instead of partisan issues.

“I think these are good ideas, and I think really it’s something that people are tired of, the he-said, she-said and the finger-pointing and the really divided government we’ve seen over the last several years,” said Sen. Shilling. “We want to be forward-thinking and have some positive ideas to put out there.”

The full agenda will be announced on Tuesday.