‘State of the System’ forum raises concerns about changes in UW System

Worries over recent changes in the University of Wisconsin System are being raised.

UW-La Crosse hosted a ‘State of the System’ forum Wednesday to start a conversation about concerns at the UW System. Students, staff, and state legislators talked about the System’s declining budget, tuition, accessibility, and how chancellors are hired for campuses in the future.

Event organizers say the UW System is being held up nationally as a bad example of changes, and they hope this and other forums change that trend.

“We wanted to make sure that leading up to the fall election cycle we had some conversation about how our legislature and our governor are making these kinds of decisions, and how we can actually get involved and do more for the state,” said UW-la Crosse Associate Professor of English Susan Crutchfield.

Forum organizers also say the U-W System is supposed to be for everyone in the state, but they cited recent programs being dropped at UW-Stevens Point and UW-Superior have led to limited opportunities for many students.