State funding for possible North-South corridor in La Crosse extended

Nearly $140 million set aside to improve transportation infrastructure

The Wisconsin Transportation Projects Commission approved an extension of the nearly $140 million funding set aside for improving La Crosse’s transportation infrastructure.

The decision came at a meeting in Madison on Monday afternoon. Prior to the meeting, Senator Jennifer Shilling sent a letter asking for additional time for the community to study transportation options and reach a consensus on future plans.

On September 15, Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Mark Gottlieb stated the DOT may recommend canceling funding for the La Crosse highway project, which was first enumerated in 1997.

“I appreciate the Department’s recommendation to allow for a continued community conversation about how best to use the $138 million allocated for transportation upgrades in La Crosse,” Senator Shilling said in a statement. “As a result of our unique regional geography, growing population and business expansion, our community continues to face many transportation-related challenges. I look forward to continuing the dialogue with local stakeholders as we work to reduce congestion and improve safety on our roads, while also considering the impact on our environment and neighborhoods.”