Standing tall again: Hillsboro High School student continues to overcome adversity

Hillsboro community helps paralyzed Hillsboro teen stand again making his outdoor passion possible
Standing Tall Again: Hillsboro High School Student Continues To Overcome Adversity

HILLSBORO, Wis. (WKBT) – In March of 2018, News 8 Now told the story about a Hillsboro boy who lost his ability to walk after a car crash. Dodge Shore loves sports and lost his ability to walk after the crash paralyzed him from the waist down.

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His mom found a wheelchair basketball league just outside Madison. Once again Shore stepped on a basketball court. Shore loves hunting but his situation makes his passion for the outdoors difficult.

“Life does suck sometimes, but it’s not the end,” Brandi Bloor said sitting in her living room reflecting on the past four years.

Dodge Shore is a little older and a little wiser.

“I’m doing good,” Shore said.

A fresh wound existed the last time we visited their block of Hillsborough Avenue.

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“I don’t remember most of it,” Shore said. “I just remember waking up in the hospital.”

July 21, 2017, doesn’t age for this family.

“…be told that your kid was never going to pitch a ball again,” Bloor said. “He was never going to play shortstop. He was never going to hit a home run again. It broke my heart.”

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A majority of the legal issues remain without a resolution.

“We all have to live through that day,” Bloor said.

Dodge’s favorite pastime (basketball) turned into a memory until he found out he wasn’t alone.

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“They go hardcore. I’ve seen kids hit the ground,” Bloor said. “I’ve seen kids rolling, and they get right back up and they keep going.

“Anybody can run up and down a court and dribble a ball. Try pushing and dribbling at the same time.”

Shore plays with the Mad City Badgers wheelchair basketball team. He drains buckets just like he before the crash.

“Our whole family is sports,” Bloor said.

COVID-19 didn’t help matters this year, but his new job keeps him busy.

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“Last year we were supposed to go to Wichita for our national tournament,” Shore said. “I work out at County Market.”

He earned this job on his own.

“He loves it, and everybody knows him,” Bloor said. “He is such a great kid. I am so proud of everything he has done. I am so unbelievably proud of everything that he’s done.”

There’s something else Shore would love to do.

“Just going out and having fun,” Shore said describing his love for hunting and fishing. “Hanging out with your family.”

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Hanging out in the woods on a cold winter day is paradise for this teenager.

“There’s times he feels left out because he can’t go help look for a deer,” Bloor said.

Former Hillsboro School District administrator Missy Herek found a solution.

“I just wanted to do something for Dodge,” Herek said.

Shore does not like to ask for help, but the community stepped up.

“People need help no matter what is wrong with them,” Shore said.

Missy started a fundraiser to help buy Shore an action track chair.

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“The chair we’re looking at is a standing chair,” Herek said. “How awesome for him to be able to stand.”

Standing tall again after a moment Missy said just isn’t fair. Dodge stood all along on the strong foundation his personality provides.

“You tell him he can’t do anything and he’s gonna prove you wrong,” Bloor said.

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That’s ironic because no one in this family doubted the young man who achieved more than anything printed on a box score.

“Family is big,” Shore said.

Yet, his humble nature remains his brand. His dreams bounce beyond the court.

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“He wants to be a teacher,” Bloor said.

Fitting, because he’s already taught in this community. Mr. Shore or Coach Shore might soon stand on a sideline or a baseline at your school.

“He’s admirable,” Herek said. “He is motivated. He inspires me.”

Bloor remains Shore’s biggest fan.

“He’s my hero,” She said.

Dodge already picked out his new chair, the family still needs some help from the community to cover the costs. The effort can be found by clicking here.