St. Paul Saints unveil pig mascot: Bieboar

The St. Paul Saints have revealed their pig mascot for the 2011 season: Justin Bieboar.

The name was chosen from 600 entries in the Name the Pig contest. It was submitted by Mary Bock of Minneapolis, the first of 2 to suggest the name. It was revealed at the World’s Largest Game of Catch on Wednesday in downtown St. Paul.

The Saints say while the pig shares idol status with teen pop singer Justin Bieber, the two will not share the same hairstyle.

Other noteworthy entries included Oprah Pigfrey, Conan O’Briham, Shaquille O’Squeal and Piggyleaks.

The Saints have had pig mascots in 18 previous seasons, each with a unique name. There was Brat Favre in 2010 and Slumhog Millionaire in 2009.