Square Foot Gardens make home gardening easier for La Crosse area

Kits from WisCorps partnership

Home gardening is becoming a little easier for the La Crosse area thanks to a few local organizations.

WisCorps, in partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System and Purple Cow Organics, is offering the four foot by four foot home gardens for its second year. The Square Foot Garden kits offer a smaller option than typical gardens to introduce home gardening to more people.

WisCorps is also donating 30 kits to the ReNew La Crosse program.

“It’s a good thing to get into if you’re a first-time gardener. You can grow a lot of food ina little space, 16-square-feet. It’s a 4-by-4 so you get 16-square-feet to grow, and you can grow a decent bit of food for your family,” said WisCorps Operations Instructor Willie Vittner.

If you would like your own Square Foot Garden kit, there are a few still available. Each kit costs $49.