Spring City Auction offers abandoned bikes for cheap in La Crosse

Officials hope event shows importance of licensing your bike with the city

The La Crosse Police Department held an auction Saturday to help empty out their Bike Barn.

Abandoned bikes from around the city of La Crosse were put up for auction at the bi-annual Spring City Auction. If a bike is lost or abandoned in the city it can be put up for auction after 9 months providing a cheap alternative for community members to get around.

With more than 300 bikes up for auction officials hope the event shows the importance of licensing your bike with the city.

“We encourage people to really get their bikes licensed. If it comes in with a city of La Crosse bike license on it I can look it up right then, give the person a call and get the bike back to them, you know, within probably the same day, and that’s a free service we provide at the city,” said La Crosse Police Department Civilian Service Employee Kristine Gasch.

Money raised at the bi-annual event is put back into the La Crosse City general Fund.